About Us

Who is this for?

The Drop was specially created with flexibility for the lifestyle entrepreneur in mind. We want to build a tight-knit community of likeminded digital nomads, content creators, self-starters, community organizers and the likes.

If you need a place to be creative & productive without paying a premium for a CBD office address, this is a space for you to flourish, collaborate & connect.

Why this space?

We are digital nomads ourselves operating an online travel business. We travel the world 6 months a year and find ourselves struggling to lock in a conducive workspace for the periods we are back home. Be it looking for seats and over-spending in cafes or working with wonky Wi-Fi, we’ve been there and had enough.

The Drop provides you with the workplace essentials & more to be productive, creative, build connections & have fun while at it. This is a hub for possibilities & ideas to grow – for you to accomplish your life goals while hustling for your dream jobs.